Where are the properties?

The properties are situated on two newly-built sites: Water Lane, in the Chesterton area of Cambridge; and Aylesborough Close, in the Arbury area of Cambridge.

How many are available?

We manage 23 units of accommodation, comprising:

  • Eight three-bedroom houses;
  • Twelve two-bedroom apartments;
  • Three one-bedroom apartments.

We may take on further properties of a similar nature in future years, depending on (amongst other factors) the success of these properties.

Who is the landlord?

The properties are owned by Cambridge City Housing Company, an arms-length property company wholly owned by Cambridge City Council. The properties have been commissioned with the aim of helping local residents to access good quality accommodation at submarket rents.

Why have you specified minimum and maximum incomes for these properties?

Under the terms of the Housing Company’s lettings policy: “the accommodation must be affordable to households applying. The Strategic Housing Market Assessment definition of what is an affordable amount to pay for housing is no more than 33% of gross household income. If an applicant has an income that demonstrates that the Housing Company rent would consume less than 25% of gross household income then it will be assumed that the household can solve its own housing need.”

Will I have to pay an application fee?

There are no application fees. You will not be charged for registering an interest or for making an application. There are no other fees charged – please see our fees page for more information.

What kind of tenancy will I have?

All properties are let under Assured Shorthold tenancies for an initial period of one year, with the option of annual extensions up to a total of three years. Tenants may be able to remain in the properties beyond three years, though this is dependent upon the success of this pilot project.

Are the properties furnished?

The properties will be let on a substantially unfurnished basis: carpeted, with newly-fitted kitchens and built-in cookers.

When can I view the property?

We will contact prospective tenants as soon as the properties are available to view.

Any other questions?

Please contact us if you have any further questions.