Townhall Lettings manages two broad categories of accommodation.

The first category includes properties owned by private landlords and let exclusively to single people facing homelessness – described here. No fees or charges are payable by current or prospective tenants, or by landlords, with regard to this category.

The second category is property owned by Cambridge City Housing Company Again, no fees or charges are payable by current or prospective tenants.

For avoidance of doubt, we do not charge fees:

  • upon renewal of an existing tenancy (‘contract renewal fee’);
  • upon an unsuccessful application for a property;
  • if one member of the partnership leaves the accommodation and the tenancy becomes a sole tenancy granted to the remaining partner;
  • upon the end of a tenancy (‘check-out’ fee or ‘early termination’ fee);
  • to ‘reserve’ a property before signing a tenancy agreement (‘holding deposit’).

Deposits for Cambridge City Housing Company owned properties are set at the equivalent of 5 weeks rent.

We do not ask for guarantors in respect of any of our properties.

If you have any more questions about this then please contact us.