THL – A Landlord’s Perspective


We spoke to two local landlords about their experience of letting properties with Town Hall Lettings, a new residential property management service.

Jeff and David both have portfolios of properties in Cambridgeshire, and have both let properties through THL. In this tough economic climate, they have previously had difficulties letting properties to people on low incomes. “I wouldn’t do so again,” says Jeff, “as direct payments to tenants cause problems”. David has had a generally good experience with tenants on low incomes. However, he tells me “if a tenant’ circumstances change, then so does their housing benefit, which results in delays in payments.”

So what makes THL an attractive proposition for these landlords? “Town Hall Lettings takes responsibility for the payment of rent for the property – the payments agreed have been delivered on time with no delays,” says David. “There are no exorbitant fees to pay, nor any voids, which often happens when using an agent,” adds Jeff.

And it’s not just the financial incentive that makes Town Hall Lettings a worthwhile choice. Jeff was attracted by THL’s policy of finding and carefully vetting tenants. David agrees: “there are individuals experiencing hardship and difficulty who need good-standard housing. Town Hall Lettings enables me to help people with the security of their services”.

For more information, follow @THLettings on Twitter or call 01223 457920.

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